Telangana Police, Hyderabad

Telangana Police has been at the fore front of leveraging state of the art emerging technologies and implementing it to ensure the safe and security of the citizens of Hyderabad and rest of Telangana.
In continuation of this process, Hyderabad Police approached us to deliver a solution to them in 3 major police limits of Rajendra Nagar, Mushirabad and Khairtabad.

The very fact that Hyderabad Police approached TASS to provide them with safety and security solution, by itself is a huge challenge. We build a strong team to study analyse and formulate a road map implementation plan, present it to the stake holders seek their approval and go about meticulously in planning and executing the task.
Since the implementation of the security solutions was for the citizens of those three areas, we carried out extensive research to identify the areas for the installation of the CCTV Cameras.

We offered IP technology based CCTV Cameras. They are highly scalable, flexible and cost effective. The IP based video surveillance set up allows users to monitor and record video remotely. The IP video installations can be deployed works well in the three mentioned areas for the safety and security of the citizens.
Our safety experts and engineers also worked extensively to ensure that the cameras are integrated and office crystal clear videos to provide the police personnel manning the system to monitor, track, analyse, report and take informed decisions.

  • The deployment of high quality CCTV cameras help the Hyderabad Police in keep track of happening in real time and take appropriate as and when needed.
  • The implementation of cutting edge futuristic technologies help the law enforcement department enables to scale up and upgrade technologies in future with bare minimum tweaks.
  • We worked closely with the Hyderabad police with a single purpose devotion to our duty, responsibility, devoid of any monetary gains, to help them serve the citizens in terms of their safety and security.