My Home Hub

My Home Hub is a large real estate and infrastructure management company based out of Hyderabad. My Home Hub builds large residential and commercial properties offering state of the art amenities to residents and Software/IT companies.
My Home Hub approached us to offer them safety and security solutions for their proposed two 10 storied buildings coming up in hi-tech city area of Hyderabad.

The challenge was to plan, install, test and implement major safety and security solutions including CCTV Cameras, Access Control Systems, Gate Automation, Burglar/Intruder Alarms and integrate the entire safety equipment to offer our client to manage the infrastructure for two 10 storied blocks and make them safe and secure living/working environment for all.

We offered IP technology based CCTV Cameras. They are highly scalable, flexible and cost effective. The IP based video surveillance set up allows users to monitor and record video remotely. The IP video installations can be deployed in any environment and offers immense benefits previously unavailable with Analog CCTV systems.

Besides, our safety and security experts and engineers put to test their deep experience in implementing gate automation to ensure secure the premises, burglar / intruder alarms to keep the infrastructure safe. The entire processes were completed on time and within budget to allow our client accelerate time to market with improved efficiency and increased productivity.

  • The deployments of flexible and scalable state of the art emerging technologies benefited My Home Hub to plan and scale up with bare minimum changes thus cut costs and grow.
  • Our futuristic approach in installing cutting edge technologies help our client not only in keeping the infrastructure and people safe and secure and also enables stay focused on their core operations.
  • At the end of the day, at TASS what matters to us is the safety and security of all stake holders and it is not just our job for monetary gains but it is our responsibility to keep all safe and secure, and we collectively make sure we do it effectively and efficiently.